Draper Hinks

Draper Hinks is a business broker for accountants, and we support sellers and buyers. Whether you are looking to sell all or part of your practice, or you are looking to buy fees to grow your existing practice, we can help.

We have a strong track record of success in supporting accountants as they make the decision to sell. Utilising our knowledge and expertise that’s been built up over 20 years, we stand by the side of our clients, managing the process for them. We’re here to make the sale as simple and as stress free as possible, but we ensure that you’re always in control. You’re selling for your reasons, and we want to make sure you get what you want.

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Looking to Sell?

It’s rarely an easy decision to sell, and it’s often not a straightforward one either. You may want to sell all of your practice or you may want to just sell part of. But whatever your requirements and however you want it to happen, we are here to help.

We provide:

  • A process that places great emphasis on confidentiality
  • Support and guidance to help you from the first moment you consider the sale right through to successful completion
  • We have a large database of buyers and good relationships with many of them
  • A structured process that has been tried and tested many times
  • We can also help with unusual or urgent requirements, if circumstances require it

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Looking to Buy?

If you are interested in growing your practice, then the quickest way to do this is to buy some fees.

Working with Draper Hinks:

  • We will act as the conduit between you and the seller ensuring as smooth as process as possible
  • We work with buyers all over the country
  • We work with those who have bought before as well as brand new buyers, and can support you through the process
  • No buyer is too big or too small
  • We can advise on where sellers are and connect you with the right practices for you

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Shackleton & Co sold for £253k