Practices for sale

Below is a list of practices we have for sale. The list is not extensive because when we are instructed to sell a practice, we sell it.

Practices for Sale

2 5 w/102/170116 Derbyshire £43,000 Due Diligence Started Chartered Accountant, downsizing, selling a tranche of fees. Practice is VAT registered, fees are portable within 10 miles.
48 46 w/151/170707 Dorset £430,000 Available Vendor looking to retire, buyer needs be qualified and able to do audit, 5 members of staff, leasehold office with three months notice clause.
26 26 w/126/170328 Sussex £160,000 Due Diligence Started Vendor looking to retire. Total of top 20 client fees in excess of £68k. Ideally buyer will be qualified.
30 30 w/134/170428 Cambridgeshire £90,000 Close To Completion 1 vendor looking to retire, 1 vendor looking to stay on post sale in a part time role, buyer needs to be qualified
31 32 w/136/170505 Oxfordshire £800,000 Offers Made 1 Vendor looking to retire. 2 Offices.
29 29 w/133/170427 Hampshire £125,000 Due Diligence Completed Vendors are looking to retire. Buyer needs to be qualified. Looking to sell locally. Sale to go through within 3-5 months.
50 48 w/153/170726 Wiltshire £60,000 Due Diligence Started Vendor selling whole of practice, VAT registered, buyer needs to be qualified, top 20 client fees total £47,000+, deal to be done asap, meetings with the vendor on 17th August.
56 56 w/162/170816 East Anglia £450,000 Offers Made 2 directors both looking to retire, currently work part time. Could be run by one person full time. Leasehold office to be kept on. Buyer needs to be qualified. Meetings with the vendors to be arranged on an individual basis.
12 15 w/112/170220 Hertfordshire £100,000 Due Diligence Started Vendor looking to retire, will be keeping some fees, wants to have sold by the end of October, staff retiring at the same time, fees are portable and can be moved to your office, provided that it is within 10 miles.
59 58 w/167/170911 Swindon £114,000 Available Vendor looking to retire. Fees are portable within 10 miles. Buyer needs to be qualified. Top 20 clients total £69,175. Meetings with the Vendor on Tuesday, 10th October.