Changing our website to get more sellers and buyers of accountancy practices.

We have just gone through the process of changing and updating our website. It is now live and I hope you like the “new look”. It was a necessary job that needed doing. You will find that we now have an informative free guide on our Home Page that can be downloaded. It contains information for both sellers and buyers of accountancy practices. Have a look and see what you think. If you have any questions about selling your practice or buying some accountancy fees then let us know we are here to help.

We are constantly surprised by how many accountants do not have websites. Your website is essentially an online brochure. Somewhere that your customers, prospective customers and business contacts can go to find out more about you, what you do and start to make a decision about whether they want to buy from you or work with you. For these reasons alone, you need to make sure that the information contained on it is:

• Interesting and relevant
• Well laid out and simple to navigate to
• Easy to understand
• Accurate
• Up-to-date

According to Vicky Boulton of Fuel Marketing, many businesses focus on getting their website live and then forget about it. But in order to keep on appealing to your target audience you need to ensure that your website content is fresh and engaging. This has three main advantages:

1. By making sure that your news, blogs or product/service information is up to date you can show visitors that you are busy and keep them wanting to come back for more, this is also a real benefit for your marketing activities as you will always have something new to share. In addition regular updates and changes are good for search engine optimisation and it goes without saying that old, out-of-date or incorrect content can lose you customers.

2. Keeping your website up to date helps give you an edge over your competition. Remember that it’s a fast moving world and you can’t rest on your laurels with your lovely new website, you need to keep on top of design changes, social media, performance and analytics on a regular basis in order to generate new business and keep your customers happy.

3. Remember that customers like to shop around and compare products and services. Obviously price and delivery are important here, but after that design and ease of use are the key facts in choosing who to buy from. So keep your website current with the latest news, blogs, tips, advice, guidance, social media links, as well as detailing real user experiences in terms of case studies, videos and testimonials.

For help to establish an eye-catching and professional online promotional and marketing presence for your business, contact Vicky at Fuel or visit for details of a new and competitively priced Online Startup Package (OSP) that will ensure that your website is memorable for the right reasons.
We have worked with Vicky Boulton in the past and she has given us lots of good ideas with marketing that has increased the numbers of sellers and buyers of accountancy practices contacting Draper Hinks. We are happy to recommend her.