May Newsletter 2022

Nicola Draper founder Draper Hinks


Hello, I’m Nicola Draper.  I run Draper Hinks and have done so since 2004.   We sell only accountancy fees and I am excited to announce that, since inception, we have completed over 360 deals.

We are very proud of our track record and our reputation.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions.



We are sometimes asked by buyers to do a bespoke mail shot to try and find a seller in their area.  This entails understanding what the buyer is looking for ie what amount of fees do they want to buy, do they want audit fees, are they looking for a firm that uses a specific accounting system ie Xero etc etc?  We can work with you and see if there are any sellers in your area wanting to sell fees now.

If you want to learn more about us doing a Buyer Mail shot for you, please email Diane Bester at


Practices for Sale

Reference Area Amount Description
w/500/220310 Yorkshire £700,000 Vendor retiring. Top 20 clients total £112,050.  Leasehold office with spare space. Work being turned away, significant potential to grow. Ideally vendor wants a share sale.
w/513/220510 Warwickshire £49,000 Vendor looking to retire. Total top 10 clients’ fees £15,625. No office & no staff so fees portable locally.  Not VAT Registered. Meetings with vendor 7th June.
w/520/220530 Buckinghamshire £100,000 Vendor looking to retire. Works from home so fees portable locally.  Buyer needs to have qualification acceptable to all banks and mortgage lenders. Meetings with vendor 27th June.

This is a case study from a practice we sold in 2021:-

Fees sold £423,000 Where Warwickshire
Qualified FCA & QBE Age 65 & 59
Time scale 9 months Type of Practice 2 Partners
Payment 3 tranches How paid 50%, 25%, 25%
Multiple 1.1 x fees When paid Comp, 12 months, 24 months
Offers 3 offers Office & staff Office and staff retained
Results Vendors looking forward to not doing too much!


Here are two testimonials from previous vendors:-

Testimonial 1

I was recommended to use Draper Hinks by someone who had sold their practice through them five years previously and was very happy with the outcome.  I have found them to be very friendly and helpful.  Their process is thorough and informative, working with them made the whole process easy.  I am now looking forward to retiring fully!

Vendor – Chris Hughes   QBE                      Hertfordshire

Testimonial 2

I received a mail shot from Draper Hinks and was impressed with the clear and confident way that they explained the process.  I have found it all to be a very good experience.  I had expert guidance at all stages of the process.  Using a broker like Draper Hinks provides a clear structure to the transaction that would not be there otherwise.  Having sold, I am now enjoying a period of stress-free living which I haven’t experienced in over 30 years.

Vendor – Chris Humphrey   ATT                Buckinghamshire


Income Multiples Paid in the last 12 months

2021 Quarter Average income multiple paid Lowest income multiple paid Highest income multiple paid Lowest income multiple offered Highest income multiple offered
Quarter 2 Apr – Jun 1.1 0.85 1.1 0.7 1.25
Quarter 3 Jul – Sep 0.995 0.6 (1 pmt) 1.25 0.5 (1 pmt) 1.25
Quarter 4 Oct – Dec 0.9475 0.8 1.25 0.8 1.25
Quarter 1 Jan – Mar 0.76 0.6 1.0 0.5 (1 pmt) *1.50

* 1.50 x fees was offered but rejected because the fit was not good between buyer and seller.

NB None of the above figures are to be reproduced in any way without express permission from Nicola Draper.



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