Things vendors have done after selling their practice

I bet you are glad another January is out of the way.  I am sure you can understand why we tend to be really busy in February.  We have many accountants contacting us to say they don’t want to have to do another January again.  They have been over-worked, over-stressed and quite frankly, exhausted. 

We work with sellers of all ages, selling all sizes of practices all over the country.  Many vendors take a long time to decide that they do not want to run their accountancy practice any more, others just know when the time is right and want it sold NOW. 

Once the sale has gone through there is normally a huge amount of relief felt by the vendor and we have had some wonderful stories as to what vendors have done after selling their practice.

Here are some photos of what previous vendors have told us they are doing now that they don’t have to worry about clients, deadlines and the HMRC.  You could be one of those lucky people enjoying life.  Give us a call.

I am most looking forward to spending more time with friends in Spain. 

Nicola Morgan  QBE  (permission given to use name)

I am going to be doing what I please, but mostly I am looking forward to being able to travel more.

Chris Tullett  FCA    (permission given to use name)

I am most looking forward to doing what I like when I like with people I like.

A Baxter  FCA    (permission given to use name)

I am now fully retired from the world of accountancy.  After 35 years of dealing with our ‘friends’ at HMRC, I am going to drink beer, ski in the winter & sail in the summer, then drink more beer…

Philip Day  FCCA    (permission given to use name)

If any of the above pictures makes you want to sell your practice, then contact me and see how we can help you.   You can contact me, Nicola Draper, on 01788 816440 or email me at’s have a chat.