Buying an accountancy practice

The quickest way to grow your practice is to buy some fees. 99% of vendors will be happy to help with a hand over after completing the sale to increase retention and minimise attrition. If you are looking to expand your practice then buying can be your best option. We work with buyers all over the country. Some of our buyers have bought from us before but many are new to it. We will give guidance and help wherever it is needed. No buyer is too big or too small.

  • Have you ever bought before?

    It can be a distinct advantage if you have bought fees before. We can tell a vendor that you have experience of integrating fees, minimising attrition and maximising retention.

  • What is your turnover?

    We will not introduce a buyer to a seller if the buyer’s turnover is less than the fees being sold. There may be exceptions to this and we would be happy to advise.

  • Do you have funding in place?

    A seller will give priority to a buyer that has funding in place. If you have to apply for funding this can delay matters by many weeks.

  • Where in the country are you looking to buy?

    The more rural the area the fewer buyers there are and so the likelihood of selling your fees can reduce. We are happy to advise on the chances of being able to sell your practice.

  • What size practice are you looking to buy?

    If we know what size of practice you are looking to buy, we will be able to contact you should we have a practice that fits your criteria.

  • Will you take on an office?

    A vendor will tell us if they require the buyer to take on their office. We need to know if the buyer is prepared to do this.

  • Will you take on staff?

    If the vendor has staff and the buyer does not want to take them on, this may result in significant redundancy payments having to be made to the staff, particularly where they are long serving.

I am most grateful for your assistance and support in the acquisition process and consider your overall level of service to have been excellent. Many thanks.John Lyons, Stockton on Tees

Looking to buy an accountancy practice?

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